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  Subject   : Torque Rheometer (RheoComp® Series)
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Torque Rheometer (RheoComp® Series)



"Command station" is core of RheoComp® Solution.

Symphony and  Concerto model offer most sophisticated process solutions:










Main Feature

  Servo motor control
  Powered by National Instrument DAQ
  Bidirectinal motor control. forward and backward
  User selective torque measurement range
  Up to eight Melt / metal temperature
  Up to eight Melt pressure
  Control type : Computer and manual control of air cooled barrel temperature control
  Computer control device speed
  Easy report generating capability for time saving
  External USB port and monitor port






“Fully compatible with other brand equipment and modules”







MEK RheoComp® Concerto_BIM




RheoComp® Harmony modeling




Concerto Nano_BIM350



RheoComp® Classic

RheoComp® Concerto

RheoComp® Symphony

Drive power

3.5 KW

7.5 KW

7.5 KW

Maximum Speed

200 rpm

200 rpm

200 rpm / 100 rpm

Max. Torque

500 Nm

250 Nm / 500 Nm Select

500 Nm / 5000 Nm

Max. barrel temperature




Temperature Control zone

3 zone Two zone Air Control

8 zone 3 zone Air control Air cooling

12 zone exchangeable Control with PID, Air cooling

Computer Control


Extemal computer system**

Built in

Computer system

Built in

Computer system

Equipment Expansion

Batch Internal Mixer

Planetary Mixer

Batch Internal Mixer Planetary Mixer,

Single Screw ExtruderCo- / ctr- TSE

Batch Internal Mixer Planetary Mixer,

Single Screw Extruder Co- / ctr- TSE

Screw Rheometer

Application Area

Plastics, Rubber

Plastics, Rubber

Plastics, Rubber,

Food, Pharmaceutical

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