Maintaining the original mindset with
which it started out, MKE always strives
to think from the clients’ point of view
and to grow alongside them.
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MKE was founded in 2010 in Daedeok Innopolis, the cradle of Korea’s science and technology.
Since 1987 to this day, founder Professor Kim Myung-ho has been conducting research in the single field of extrusion. He holds international authority in the design of single screw extruders, twin extruders,
as well as die design, and has been performing various projects for several global companies.

MKE’s core competence is technology legacy in polymer processing. The competence of Professor Kun Sup-hyun of DOW Chemical and his international authority in the field of extrusion (50 man years) added to the competence of CEO Kim Myeong-ho (32 man years) makes 82 man years’ worth of accumulated technology, based on which we strive to become the technology partner of client companies in time-to-market shortening, productivity enhancement, and yield enhancement.

We independently developed essential equipment for polymer processing experiments such as the Torque Rheometer (product name RheoComp®) as well as the Screw Rheometer and Laboratory Film Casting Line (EzCast), entering both domestic and foreign markets. We are also providing a comprehensive technological solution (MKE P-TEC, Project / Testing / Education / Consulting) in polymer processing based on a cutting-edge rheological analysis system.

Best Solution, Best Partner!
MKE never stops striving to provide its clients with a processing technology experience that is absolutely necessary on site

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