• Developed Korea’s first Micro-Compounder
  • Developed Korea’s first RheoStation / Thermal Conductivity measurement device
  • Participated in the Koplas 2017 exhibition in Kintex


  • Developed BIM-350 (big size batch mixer)
  • Released ‘MKE P-TEC’, a total technology solution for polymer / new material processing
  • Developed Korea’s first Single Screw Rubber Extruder module for torque rheometer system
  • Launched a rheological testing service
  • PVT / Melt Density / Bulk Density / Melt Strength
  • Viscosity Function / Elongational Viscosity
  • Participated in the Polymer Society of Korea / SPE Korea exhibition


  • Developed Single Screw Extruder module
  • Participated in PPS 31 exhibition in ICC in Jeju
  • Developed the first mini-compounder in Korea


  • Developed Korea’s first advanced torque rheometer system, RheoComp® Symphony
  • Developed EzCast, the first pilot film casting line in Korea
  • Participated in the Korean Society of Rheology / SPE Korea exhibition


  • Accredited as R&D exclusive division from Koita
  • Registered Korean design patent (torque rheometer)
  • Trademark RheoComp® registered in Korea / U.S.
  • Participated in the Polymer Society of Korea / SPE Korea exhibition


  • Released Torque Rheometer System with batch internal mixer
  • Torque Rheometer registered as a manufactured product at the Public Procurement Service
  • The world’s first commercialization of the Screw Rheometer
  • Trademark RheoDroid® registered in Europe


  • Entered BI of Hannam University
  • Changed company name to ‘MKE’, registered as manufacturing company
  • Developed Korea’s first Torque Rheometer, RheoComp®


  • Founding of ‘MKE Consulting Inc.’
  • Developed Korea’s first Screw Simulator